Rust Manor and Nature Sanctuary, Leesburg

12:30A.M. for 22 minutes

Temperature: 75° F

Humidity: 58%

1 May 2016

This was my third hike at Rust Manor, and this time after several days of rain. It had just let up by the time I arrived.

Rust Manor isn't ideal for such weather. Its one paved trail slopes steeply down to the largest pond on the property, and while it's not dangerous, it feels slippery. Most of the other paths are either dirt that turns quickly to mud or sodden grass in the meadow.

However, the park looks dramatic after a good rain, the tree trunks black as night and every leaf bright as an emerald. And I spent my time in blessed peace, though it looked like an event was being held at the kids' area. Nobody wants to hike when it's wet out, even though it's hardly an inconvenience.