Sugarland Run Stream Valley Park, Reston

2:00P.M. for 48 minutes

Temperature: 67° F

Humidity: 43%

15 May 2016

I followed this trail based on this trail guide, which provided wonderfully detailed, turn-by-turn directions from the out-of-the-way Stuart Road Park onto the trail.

Unfortunately, the directions are so old that they directed me to cross a bridge that's not there anymore.

Worse, this was about 3/4 of the way through the walk, so I had to double back along most of the path. Even so, it's a beautiful paved trail, meandering mostly through peaceful forests and along Sugarland Run Stream. I look forward to exploring it more in future.

It also helped that this was one of the few days this May without rain.

Looking at the trail now with the benefit of a map, I see that it's mostly one long trail along the stream, with no loopbacks unless you get on a road. So it's a little tricky.