Sully Plantation, Chantilly

3:31P.M. for 23 minutes

Temperature: 72° F

Humidity: 52%

23 May 2016

I hoped I could test out my cyborg arm today, but I arrived to discover its battery was dead.

Nevertheless, this was a lovely day to hike around Sully for a while. It's been raining almost continually for weeks, so the ground was wet in spots, but still very hike-able even with tennis shoes.

I just love how the trails wind along quiet patches of woods, every trail well-marked. The undulations of the ground help a lot; every few dozen feet you turn a corner or go around a hill and find something new to look at.

Rain threatened, and the boom of nearby thunder warned me to head back to my car. And I did, very happy I visited Sully Plantation.