Trailside Park, Ashburn

6:09P.M. for 55 minutes

25 June 2016


This was my first time here, where I discovered that this is two adjacent parks: Trailside Park and Beth Miller Park.

Trailside is a sports park, with several fields, ample parking, and bathrooms. It also sits next to the W&OD trail, offering easy access to both the paved biking trail and the gravel walking trail.

There were several games going on when I got here, so the parking lots were almost full despite their huge size.

I saw what looked like walkable areas beyond the ball fields, so I walked up there and discovered a path through a neighboorhood to the adjacent Beth Miller Park.

Beth Miller Park is a small park, consisting of a parking lot next to a small pond, and a hiking trail around the pond. You can easily walk the trail in 10 minutes, and while you'll never completely escape a view of the houses, it's a peaceful way to spend 10 minutes. It's also next to the W&OD Trail.