Lyndora Park, Ashburn

6:02P.M. for 47 minutes

2 July 2016


I was finally able to return to Lyndora Park with enough time to walk the paved walking trail.

The trail winds through nearby neighborhoods. As a result, while in a few spots you're surrounded by trees, most of the time you're walking next to somebody's back yard. While the trail is a wonderful feature for those living nearby, I can't recommend this as a place to hike regularly.

Moreover, the trail doesn't circle back around to Lyndora Park. You have to walk about half a mile directly through a development, on the sidewalk, to return to the park. If you're coming, make sure you bring a smartphone with a good walking map. Fortunately, Google Maps is able to handle walking directions.

Overall, while I enjoyed my walk, I wouldn't recommend Lyndora unless you live a few minutes away.