Franklin Park, Purcellville

12:05A.M. for 31 minutes

3 July 2016


The park's website claimed that that park featured a multi-mile walking trail, but on my previous visits to the disc golf course I'd never seen any indication of such a thing. It looks like a sports park.

So I walked around the park for a while until I spotted a covered bench, and when I walked over there I discovered the secret:

The park's trail runs around the perimeter of the park. It's actuallly two parallel trails: a bridle path and a hiking trail, of which the hiking trail is on the outside. The park's surrounded by farmland, so the trails are quite wonderfully situated: woods or parkland to one side, and farmland peeking through a buffer of trees on the other.

I ended up hiking what felt like about a third of the trail, which is just a mown grass path that winds up and down gentle hills throughout the park, depositing me back by the sports fields where I climbed back into my truck and headed out.