Ashburn Park, Ashburn

1:58P.M. for 15 minutes

4 July 2016



As with so many parks, I discovered this one by zooming around Google Maps. It's a relatively small park, designed more for small families.

I arrived on a rainy Fourth of July just as a multi-generational Indian family raced from the playground to a waiting van. I waited a few moments for the rain to abate to a drizzle, then headed out.

The park's walking trails are wide, paved paths that wind through the woods, accompanied by a few wooden bridges over the streams that cut through the park. It's a nice place, worth a hike, though not exactly scenic. The land remains mostly level throughout.

That said, I only spent 15 minutes here before the rain intensified and I returned to my truck, so perhaps there are some lovely views further into the park. I'll have to come back and find out!