Kephart Bridge Landing, Leesburg

7:17P.M. for 30 minutes

Temperature: 90° F

Humidity: 55%

14 July 2016



My last trip to Kephart Bridge was in April of this year, and now that it's July the place is close to overgrown. Several areas of weedy grass have grown 4 feet tall and nearly crowded out the trail. I was very glad for both my walking stick and my jeans, despite the 90ºF heat.

I took a right at the entrance and walked the north part of the park until I'd been out for 15 minutes. One day I'll go really far, but today, I was sweating like a convict in a courtroom, so I decided to head back after I reached an awesome fallen tree with handholds nailed to it. That'd be cool to climb, one day.