Van Dyck Park, Fairfax

5:11P.M. for 17 minutes

Temperature: 88° F

Humidity: 49%

15 July 2016



The oppressive heat of the past few days backed off, so my first visit here to Vay Dyck Park was warm but pleasant.

The entrance is a bit hard to find; it's a paved lane lined by low wooden posts, and all the signs face away from the street. A school sits right next to it, too, so it's easy to assume that the park is part of the school grounds.

I parked in the lot and began walking. To my delight, I discovered that it's a "mixed-use" park, with a combination of tennis courts, playgrounds, cookout areas, a skate park, and paved walking trails through tall, mature forests. The walking trails are relatively short--you could hike all of them in under 30 minutes--but beautifully situated. Despite its location in the center of Fairfax, I hardly ever heard traffic.

Even on a Friday evening around dinner time, there were quite a few people here, particularly teens and tweens playing Pokémon GO.