Folly Lick Park, Herndon

3:32P.M. for 26 minutes

Temperature: 90° F

Humidity: 41%

17 July 2016



The sun was back with a vengeance today, but thankfully I discovered Folly Lick Park.

It's not easy to find. Google Maps took me into the middle of a residential neighborhood and told me I'd arrived, despite no entrance to the park. I had to backtrack until eventually I found a small patch of gravel about wide enough to fit two vehicles, and a small trail entrance.

The park itself is a large strip of woods with a paved walking trail about 5 feet wide. There appears to be basically one main trail that winds through the park next to a stream that more or less divides the park in half lengthwise, with a couple of other trails branching off the main path.

It's a pleasant place, mostly flat and easy to hike. And despite hiking on a Sunday afternoon, I only encountered a handful of other people.