Runnymede Park, Herndon

4:10P.M. for 14 minutes

Temperature: 90° F

Humidity: 41%

17 July 2016



This is another one of those parks with no easy street access. You have to find a spot where the trail connects with a neighborhood street, and park there.

I followed the this set of directions, which had me a bit worried. I've followed another set of directions from the same site before, and it told me to cross a bridge that wasn't there anymore.

Fortunately, these directions were accurate, though it didn't include a specific starting address that I could punch into my map app; instead I had to find a street intersection.

The park contains a paved path about 5 feet wide, that winds through woods, sometimes right next to houses. There are times when you're literally walking right next to somebody's back yard, which feels a tad awkward at times.

Despite walking on a Sunday afternoon, I only met five other people, of which 4 were part of the same group.

Unfortunately, I developed a stomach-ache as I walked, so I cut my walk short. I'd like to be back.