Providence Park, Fairfax

6:50P.M. for 16 minutes

Temperature: 84° F

Humidity: 58%

2 August 2016



This was my first time at Providence Park, which is an interesting mixed-use park.

Most parks fall solidly into one of two categories: sports parks and hiking parks. The former is full of big expanses of grass and maybe a paved trail connecting them. The latter usually consists of paved paths through woods, around here.

Providence Park mixes the two. It includes a soccer field, tennis court, and large playground, but large patches of woods surround these, with trails woven through the woods and around the sports amenities. Interestingly, the trail materials vary widely, from wide pavement to gravel to wood chips to small dirt paths.

The park is not huge--you could probably walk all the trails in under 45 minutes--but you have a pleasant variety choices in doing so.