Walker Nature Center, Reston

2:30P.M. for 30 minutes

Temperature: 61° F

19 February 2017



A beautiful weekend, with highs in the 70's despite the date on the calendar, was a perfect excuse to walk the trails here.

I walked quite a bit farther than my last trip. The park sits basically on one long slope down to a stream, demarcated by a road up top, the stream below, and a paved path on one side (I don't know about the other).

I walked all the way down to the stream, which I discovered widens to a full-scale river that wends its way through Reston. The trail along the river also features a few park benches.

As I noted in earlier hikes, the trails vary from cleanly demarcated gravel paths six feet wide to completely unmarked paths through the woods. None of the trees have been marked with blazes, nor are there any trail signs. You just have to keep your wits about you.

If you do, you'll find a beautiful, quiet park.