Rocky Run Stream Valley Park, Fairfax

3:15P.M. for 29 minutes

Temperature: 63° F

Humidity: 53%

22 February 2017



Cloudy today, but still lovely as I made my way through the admittedly less than lovely west entrance to the park, exposed metal pipes and all.

I continued to stride into the park when my eyes saw a large brown bird flying away from me to my left. It swooped up onto a low branch and I got a good look at it. A hawk! I inched closer, and sure enough, those striated brown feathers and hooked yellow beak were a dead giveaway.

I crabbed around him, taking as many pictures as I could, knowing he was likely to fly away any minute. He sure didn't seem particularly bothered to see me, though.

Eventually I continued my walk, and returned ten minutes later to find he'd gone. It's been warm for several days, so I'm sure he found plenty of prey.