Stanton Park (Herndon), Herndon

3:01P.M. for 13 minutes

Temperature: 59° F

Humidity: 53%

23 April 2017



This was actually my second time at Stanton, but I never recorded the first visit.

I didn't have much time here, so I made a quick circuit of the park. While small, the trails are fun to walk. As usual, the place was completely deserted.

Despite yesterday's rain, the trails (all dirt) were quite solid underfoot. The blossoming foliage made several trails a bit close; definitely one-person-at-a-time paths.

The main park sign sits at one end of a rolling grassy field studded with tall trees, that also contains a covered picnic area and two simple playgrounds.

Two main trails run along the length of the park, one beginning on the right side of the field, and the other beginning on the road a few dozen yards from the left edge of that same field. Several more trails run perpendicular to those trails, connecting them. That's pretty much the entire park, which you can hike in 15 minutes if you keep up a brisk pace. On the other hand, if you take your time, you can spend a good half hour here, enjoying the large trees.