Gateway Regional Park, Fairfax

5:27P.M. for 21 minutes

Temperature: 57° F

Humidity: 71%

13 May 2017



Gateway Regional Park sits near the City of Fairfax Connector Trail, which winds through a significant chunk of this otherwise built-up land of condos and restaurants.

I arrived after two days of heavy rains, to find the park itself quite badly flooded. The park itself is basically a picnic area; nice enough but tiny for hiking purposes.

Fortunately, a short walk north on Pickett Road takes the hiker to the Connector Trail. I couldn't go far, but I could tell a few things:

1) It connects several parks.

2) It hasn't been maintained in ages. Beware uneven pavement and trash. I'd be afraid to walk it at night, too.

Still, it's a useful option if you live in the area.