Eakin Community Park, Fairfax

3:45P.M. for 41 minutes

Temperature: 82° F

Humidity: 37%

9 July 2017



Eakin's mostly a community park, consisting mostly of some small grassy fields on which you could picnic and a small playground.

It also includes a walking trail through woods, which connects to a long trail that winds through the several nearby parks, including adjacent Sally Ormsby Park. That is its true value.

I arrived on a pleasantly hot day to find only a few hikers and bikers on the 8-foot-wide paved trail. I resolved to make my way a good distance, and discovered that, after about 15 minutes, the trail crosses a road and turns into a mostly gravel path running past an unused farm and a large stream while oaks tower over you. It's absolutely picturesque: you feel like you're calmly strolling along a back road in the country.

A wonderful discovery. I hope to find a place nearer by that stretch where I can pick up that trail and explore further.