Little Difficult Run Stream Valley Park, Herndon

5:02P.M. for 37 minutes

Temperature: 82° F

Humidity: 37%

9 July 2017



While a bit difficult to get to, Little Difficult Run offers a true forest hiking experience.

As with my last trip here, my phone's GPS directed me to the general vicinity of the park, at which point I found a small trail post topped with a blue mark. I pulled onto the side of the road, which is just wide enough to comfortably fit a larger vehicle, and made my way into the park.

Little Difficult Run Stream Valley Park consists entirely of narrow dirt paths winding through the woods, past the small stream called, you guessed it, Little Difficult Run. Fortunately, the paths are well-traveled (they don't dissolve into uncertainty at any point, at least in the verdant summer), and near-constant blazes on the trees make it blessedly clear where you are.

I followed the trail for some distance, not quite to the end of the park. If I recall correctly, you could probably walk the entire park in under an hour.

I didn't meet another soul during my entire hike. I spent the entire time with the birds, the squirrels, and the deer. Lovely.