Sugarland Run Stream Valley Park, Reston

12:02A.M. for 1 hour, 0 minutes

Temperature: 84° F

Humidity: 44%

10 July 2017

Sugarland Run is one of those slightly frustrating parks that has no direct road access I know of. You have to park at nearby Stuart Road Park, walk from there into a nearby neighborhood, then down the street partway until you see a little trail squeezed between two houses (and totally looks like private property), then take that to enter the south end of the park itself.

From there, you follow one wide, paved trail almost the entire time, mostly paralleling Sugarland Run stream, with just a few offshoot trails leading into nearby neighborhoods. Metal maps are posted at nearly every major trail intersection, so it's an easy park to hike, and it goes on for miles, eventually connecting with Folly Lick.

With a little research, I think I've found another access point at the north end of the park, off Sugarland Road (Route 604). There appears to be a cul-de-sac at the end of that road, next to 1164 Millwood Pond Drive, Herndon. Hopefully I'll find out if that's a better place to get in!