Greenbriar Park, Chantilly

2:47P.M. for 33 minutes

Temperature: 93° F

Humidity: 46%

14 July 2017




On my last visit to Greenbriar Park, I'd felt grave disappointment as the large expanse of green on the map turned out to be all ball fields. Further investigation showed a few trails connected to the east side of the park.

I had to walk a fair bit of the park before I found, behind baseball field #3, a gap in the woods that led into the west end of Rocky Run Trail, which runs for over a mile to end at the Fairfax County Parkway.

I walked a partly paved, partly gravel trail through gorgeous woods, houses nearby but almost completely hidden by the foliage. The path is flat and easy to walk, perfect for bicycles and dogs, along a quiet but flowing stream. And it just keeps going!