Algonkian Park, Sterling

4:43P.M. for 33 minutes

Temperature: 86° F

Humidity: 42%

15 July 2017



Like several other regional parks in the area, while Algonkian's advertising is dominated by its golf course, water park, picnic grounds, and other amenities, there are hiking trails.

It took me a few minutes to find them, finally arriving at the boat ramp. There are actually two lots: one only for the boaters, and one just before that for everyone else. I parked in the latter, noticed a sign board, walked to that, and found the trail from there.

A wide dirt path (about 3 feet wide in most places) runs along the Potomac River in the northeast corner of the park, which I hiked for about half an hour. It's a pleasant walk under trees with frequent views of the water, and several paths break off from the main trail to explore a moderately sized area of woods to the south.

I found the trail markings...confusing. The main trail along the river is marked with light blue blazes; easy enough. I turned off the trail into the woods, to find that trail marked with light blue blazes, too. Found my way bakc to the main trail to find the rest of it was marked with the same blazes. So I don't quite get the point.

Since there's so much to do that this park, it attracts a lot of people, so I met quite a few more people walking the trail than I'm used to. A nice change of pace!