Burke Lake Park, Fairfax Station

5:17P.M. for 44 minutes

Temperature: 76° F

Humidity: 63%

18 July 2017


Burke Lake is a large, mixed-use facility, with plenty of outdoor activities from boating to picnicking. Fortunately for us, it also includes a long trail that snakes through the park.

That trail sees enough use that I passed a few bicyclists using it, though depending on where you are in the park, you might find it a bit tough going. It's paved in some areas, mulched in others, and little more than dirt in still others.

You'll probably never be alone at Burke Lake; while I was there I think I was never out of sight of another human being.

Still, it's a large park with some lovely views of the eponymous lake, and it's easy enough to just start walking.

Note that I had to drive past the first parking area (which only fits maybe a dozen vehicles) to find a large parking lot near "Shelter A." That lot connects to the trail.