Conway Robinson Memorial State Forest, Gainesville

4:49P.M. for 42 minutes

Temperature: 78° F

Humidity: 41%

5 August 2017


I love this park, though this time it conquered me.

I've normally taken the orange and yellow trails into the center of the park, but this time I decided to head off to the right along the blue trail. Turns out that it runs around the perimeter of this 400+ acre park. The map at the trail head claims the blue trail is only 3 miles long, but after 20 minutes of brisk walking I was maybe a quarter of the way around it. I turned back at that point, wishing I could have seen more of it.

Still, this is a hiker's park. Mostly level, the trails wind through a variety of wooded environments, so every turn leads to a different view. The blue trail gives you a particularly wide range of sights, as you cross small streams and move through both evergreen and deciduous stands of trees.

While you could bike the park, and I saw two families doing just that, the paths are pretty overgrown with roots, and one section is covered with rocks. Better on foot.