Gilbert's Corner Regional Park, Leesburg

1:22P.M. for 36 minutes

Temperature: 77° F

Humidity: 77%

3 September 2017

Gilbert's Corner was practically packed this time; I saw three different people! The first was a woman with a dog I saw as I drove into the parking lot (note that there are 2 lots, one on the corner of Lee Highway and Watson and the other further down Watson; the lot on the corner is bigger). She quickly disappeared down the paths.

Thankfully, whoever maintains the park recently mowed large, wide paths throughout the park, making it a lot easier to hike than on my previous trips here. With those paths, the park is easy to hike, which can be done in 30-60 minutes.

I've now hiked the entire park, which is pretty easy to grok. The park itself consists of two large fields separated by a strip of woods. The field at the corner of Route 50 and Watson has an essentially circular path, while the path in the other field meanders in a rough figure-eight shape. A third path connects the two and runs through the woods.

The paths are simply mown or dirt, so sturdy hiking shoes will do you good here.