Accontik Stream Valley Park, Springfield

2:04P.M. for 25 minutes

Temperature: 80° F

Humidity: 49%

4 September 2017

The GPS app on my phone did a terrible job of directing me to this park, so I ended up driving along its perimeter until I found an entrance. I parked my truck in a neighborhood -- always an act that brings a little pang of fear to my heart -- and plunged through a hole in the underbrush, down a steep trail, into the woods.

This section of the park must be rarely visited. I never saw another soul on the trail, I hit cobwebs every five to ten yards, and I had to clear large debris that had fallen over the trail several times. The trail itself started a simple dirt path, then connected to a gravel path, which in turn connected to a paved path that ran over a bridge until it stopped at another neighborhood road.

It's a lovely hike, though not a place where I'd bike or take dogs, just because of the narrow trail (and the large swaths of broken glass on the gravel section of the path, sadly).