Providence Park, Fairfax

1:27P.M. for 19 minutes

Temperature: 83° F

Humidity: 56%

16 September 2017



On my prior trip, the park tricked me. I followed the main, paved paths around the park, and only ventured into a few of the mulched and dirt paths that branched off it. Those smaller paths inevitably led right back to the main paths, so I was deceived into believing this was barely a park.

Today I tried all the paths, and discovered one that branched off into a nearby forest. I was never very far from civilization -- I could always see a house or field, if distantly -- but now I walked along proper nature trails.

Those trails (the ones off the main, paved path) are almost all dirt, so I'd avoid hiking this park in the rain. We had rain here a few days ago, and there were still a few soft patches.

It's still a relatively small park; I briskly walked its entire circumference in 20 minutes. But those wooded trails made for a lovely surprise.