Walker Nature Center, Reston

4:40P.M. for 37 minutes

Temperature: 82° F

Humidity: 66%

17 September 2017



This was my third trip to Walker, and now I've got a pretty good feel for it. I managed to make a circuit of over half of the park, and have a pretty good sense of it.

It's not massive; you could walk the entire thing in under 45 minutes at a leisurely pace. However, its mulched paths connect to a network of paved paths that wind through the woods bordering several nearby neighborhoods, so you can spend quite a bit of time here if you want. And thanks to the beautiful, untouched forest, you might well want to.

Also, fortunately, the entire park sits on a slope down to a stream called Snakeden Branch (which itself flows out of Lake Audubon at one corner of the park). This means it's rather difficult to get truly lost; just head up the hill and you'll be heading towards the Nature Center.

This was a great day for hiking; the trees shielded me from the day's heat and I felt like walking for hours. I ended up exploring beyond the park into the nearby neigorhoods, which wonderfully keep a good amount of tree cover themselves.