Kephart Bridge Landing, Leesburg

2:41P.M. for 20 minutes

Temperature: 79° F

Humidity: 53%

23 September 2017



I used to hike here more often, before I moved. Now this has become a place I both remember fondly and look forward to re-exploring.

From the parking lot, I descended a few dozen yards to the river, where the trail branches off to the left and right. A family was in the river; Dad in a shirt and shorts, his wife and two young teen daughters in one-piece bathing suits, and a black lab happily splashing around. While a charming scene, the girls were...rather loud, so I quickly decided to hike to the right.

I walked happily and quickly. Unusually for a Saturday, I met nobody on the trail; I often encounter one or two other hikers on the weekeneds.

However, I did come upon a section of path cleared of leaves, in which somebody had scratched "POSS. COPPERHEAD." It must have been made within the past 24 hours or so. That's serious business. I looked around, but saw nothing indicating a snake anywhere near there or farther ahead on the path.

I continued my hike, but more cautiously. I never ran into a snake, but I thanked whoever left the message, and I reflected on the importance of doing so myself in the future.