Ashburn Park, Ashburn

5:08P.M. for 38 minutes

Temperature: 68° F

Humidity: 45%

1 October 2017



I never seem to make it to Ashburn Park in time to fully enjoy it. Today, I mis-judged the autumn sun and arrived with relatively little time before evening fell.

This is a slightly deceptive park. You arrive at a small parking lot to find a large playground, which every time I've been here has been full of small children. But walk past the playground (and the bathrooms...yes, there are bathrooms!), down the paved path, and you'll find a stream. The paved path branches off from here to run along the stream for quite a ways in either direction.

While you're never far from housing, the substantial tree buffer means that you rarely feel like you're practically next to somebody's back yard. You can get an actual nature walk here, and the paved path (about 5 feet wide) goes for quite a way. I hiked here for nearly 40 minutes with no end in sight in either direction.

I even came across an adult deer about 5 feet off the path, who stood placidly watching me as I walked past.