Runnymede Park, Herndon

11:57A.M. for 40 minutes

Temperature: 75° F

Humidity: 63%

7 October 2017



As before, I had to park at the intersection of Purple Sage Court and Walnut Branch, where the trail begins; there's no convenient parking lot nearby. Fortunately, there's a stretch of road next to the park about 4 car lengths long.

Unlike before, I had time on this trip to really hike the park. It's part of the much larger Sugarland Run trail connecting a number of parks along, well, the Sugarland Run stream. Miles of paved trail wind through woods next to the bubbling water.

While I don't think I was ever completely out of sight of any house, they were always remote enough I didn't feel I was brushing against somebody's back yard. A lovely find.

Now, you will encounter several unmarked branches off of the main trail, but every one I explored curved into a neighborhood and stopped. So while you may walk a bit more than you want to, you probably won't ever get truly lost here.

The multiple days of 80-degree, sunny weather kept the paved paths perfectly clear. A glorious day for a walk.