Accontik Stream Valley Park, Springfield

3:46P.M. for 30 minutes

8 May 2018



My GPS has now "found" Accontik Stream Valley Park. Whereas before I had to park on a street and fight my way through spider webs in back woods, now I found myself in a well-marked area complete with two parking lots, a boat house, and multiple groups out walking.

Turns out that Accontik Stream connects to Accontik Lake, which is where the parking lots lay. You'll park either at one mouth of the lake or next to a small beach on the lake. From there, you can take wide, paved paths around the lake and into the woods.

It's an extensive park, partly because of the lake's size, with paths that clearly go on for at least a couple of miles along nicely shaded, wooded paths. Easy for dogs and even bicycles.