Accontik Stream Valley Park, Springfield

1:29P.M. for 30 minutes

Temperature: 78° F

Humidity: 42%

7 July 2018



I'm getting more comfortable with this park, but darned if it isn't confusing. I counted three different parking lots, each close to nearby buildings of similar size and shape, with similar trails winding between them. Very easy to get confused.

Worse, instead of using colored blazes to mark each trail, staff seemed to just designate one color for all the trails in one half of the park and another color for the other half. Halfway through my walk, as I was on a blue trail, I came to a "T" intersection that connected with...a blue trail, in both directions. Combine that with the snarl of winding trails endemic to this park and it's easy to get lost.

Still, it's a beautiful place, particularly the stream that meanders through one section of the park some distance from the parking lots. Sadly, a recent storm seems to have destroyed the bridge that used to span the stream at its most convenient point, now forcing hikers to ford it at certain points.