Red Rock Overlook Regional Park, Leesburg

5:27P.M. for 37 minutes

Temperature: 72° F

Humidity: 91%

5 June 2016



This was the time I stumbled on a porn shoot.

I arrived just after a downpour, and as I pulled in the parking lot I noticed four other cars there. Next to one car, three annoyed guys were changing clothes. As I gathered my things, they then walked back into the park, which struck me as odd.

I then started along my hike. I've been to this park several times before, but this was my first time after significant rain. To my surprise, the dirt trails remained hard-packed and firm; I simply had to avoid the puddles, but otherwise the trails weren't muddy.

Part of the trail runs along a small dirt cliff beside the Potomac, and a few small paths break off the trail and wind down to the river below. Down there it's very peaceful, but with the rains I didn't fancy scrambling down to the river.

As I walked along, I glanced down and saw four people by the river. One held an umbrella, the other was holding what looked like a camera, the other was a man who seemed to be naked, and the fourth was a woman wearing something like a bikini. At first, I figured maybe they were naturists, or they were holding some kind of New Age ceremony. Then the woman said "I'm getting naked, Brian!" and started taking off her clothes, and posing in ways that didn't seem ceremonial.

Then I realized what I was doing, and turned and finished my hike.