Red Rock Overlook Regional Park


Dog accessibility
Bring a calmer dog on a longer leash.

Red Rock is a small to medium sized wooded park; you could walk all its trails in about an hour. Those trails wind up and down forested hills next to the Potomac River.

You'll arrive at a gravel parking lot that can fit about 20 cars, and contains several ruined buildings. The trail entrance can be difficult to find; look for a large tree standing in a patch of grass nearby. The trail starts just beyond it.

After a rain, the trails collect large puddles of water, but otherwise remain firm rather than muddy. You can hike this park with tennis shoes in pretty much any weather.

If you bring a dog, be aware that some of the trails have some steep inclines, so an excitable dog that tugs on its leash might pull you down with it.


5 June 2016

25 April 2016