Fred Crabtree Park, Vienna

5:28P.M. for 30 minutes

Temperature: 82° F

Humidity: 66%

17 September 2017

This was my third trip to Fred Crabtree Park, and this time I took a detour.

I noticed a mother and son walking away from the elementary school towards the left, while the trails I normally explore sit to the right of the entrance. So I pulled in, got out, and explored.

I discovered two baseball fields--both in use by grade school teams--and a small break in the nearby bushes, flanked by a collapsing chain link fence. This led onto a small path that wound through a large patch of woods bordered by nearby houses. The path quickly degraded into more of a deer path, barely visible among the ground cover. It's clearly rarely used, too; I ran afoul of several cobwebs.

I then returned to my normal haunt, Fred Crabtree Park "proper," and hiked the path to the right of its central entrance on the edge of another ball field. As usual, it was completely devoid of human life, and I spent a pleasant few minutes re-discovering the bit of Little Difficult Run that flows through it. This is really a lovely, large park that I look forward to fully exploring someday.